Would NFL owners cancel the season? Would you blame them?

Is anyone else getting really tired of the whole NFL situation?  I posted my thoughts a few weeks ago, but thought it was time to revisit the whole thing.

I read an article today saying that the owners may just “shut down” their businesses if they lose their appeals in court.  While this seems like a drastic measure, it is no less drastic than what the players did by taking the whole thing to court in the first place… is it?  The whole thing is just so mind-boggling.

I really don’t think the players have any idea what a great gig they have.  Recently, Adrian Peterson was quoted as saying “It’s modern-day slavery, you know?”

Now I wasn’t around back in the slavery days – and certainly don’t claim to be an expert on the matter – but I’m PRETTY sure there weren’t a whole bunch of slaves getting paid $3.6 million per season.  To compare the two situations is really absurd.   Sounds like Peterson should teach the NFL a lesson by quitting football and pursuing a life in the real world.  Just get a 9-t0-5 gig and see how close to three million a year he can earn.

As if that comment wasn’t stupid enough, he went on to say, “Hey — without us, there’s no football.”  I think that is where all the confusion is coming from in this whole deal.  Without the OWNERS there would be no NFL.  There are plenty of football players… just not a lot of owners.  If every single NFL player retired today and the teams opened up tryouts tomorrow, does anyone think they wouldn’t be able to field a team?  Of course not.  There would be guys lined up for two blocks waiting for a chance to tryout.   Maybe the talent level would be closer to college than the old NFL – but then again, does anyone think college football is LESS exciting than NFL football?

What would happen if all the employees at a store like Walmart decided they wanted to totally renegotiate their salary and benefits – and they all refused to return to work until it was done?  Easy enough, Walmart would hire new employees to replace them.  That’s just how things work in the real world.  Maybe the NFL should take notice of that.

My final observation is regarding the fans.  If you read all the blogs and new articles, you will see where people say they are going to quit following the NFL.  They say that if the season is cancelled, they will just switch to watching baseball and basketball and never return.  Really?  Lets be honest, if you are a big fan of the NFL, you aren’t going to boycott watching games to send a message to the NFL.  If you do, you will be one in a million.  The other 99.9 percent of us will be right there opening day, watching our team play.  That’s just how it goes, so there is no need to threaten the owners and players- they know you are addicted.

So all that is left is for us to sit back and wait this thing out.  I’ll just step down from my soapbox now and try to enjoy these rare Maverick playoff victories for a while.  The NFL will come around soon enough.

Where do you stand on the issue?  Who is MORE greedy- the owners or the players?


  1. Russell

    Completely agree. Somebody’s building stadiums and organizing the sponsorship deals and promoting the organization. The comparison to slavery is ridiculous and ignorant.

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