Why You Gotta Give

You Have To Start Somewhere

About a year and half ago, I started a YouTube Channel.  It was actually just one video, explaining exposure.  I posted it so people in a photography class would have a reference to remind themselves what they had learned in my beginner photography class.  From there, it just kind of grew.   It now has almost 40 videos and has amassed over 133,000 views.

But Why?

I actually get asked that a bunch.  Why put all these video tutorials online for free?   Doesn’t it devalue them by just giving them away?

To be honest, it hasn’t really been an issue for me.  When I was learning about photography, I asked a LOT of people a LOT of questions.  I couldn’t help it… I had a bunch of questions.  Giving back to the photography world just seems like the right thing to do.

The PerksYou Tube Channel

There are a few minor perks, I guess.  First off, the YouTube ads contribute a little bit of money – at least in theory.  Last time I checked, I hadn’t made the minimum commission for Google to even send me a check.  That is after a year and a half of making videos lol!

It does give my blog a little bit of extra traffic – especially when I coordinate blog posts and channel updates – which doesn’t happen all that often.

Honestly, I just enjoy putting the videos together and reading the comments from people who found them helpful.  Maybe at some point I’ll put together some larger-scale video production and make millions of dollars – but for now, I’m happy to just post the occasional video.

Pass It On

If you have had people help you out along the way, take some time to give back.  If you are new to the industry, make sure you find a way to help when you are more comfortable with your skills.  Don’t worry about what is in it for you.  Sometimes you have to give something before you will get something.

Check It Out

If you haven’t been there, I hope you will take a minute to check out the channel:  Lourcey Photography Channel If you like it, subscribe!  Of course, I’d love to get a comment from you on your favorite video.




  1. Tracyann0312

    Hi! Just new to your site. Your post inspires many photographers not to give up for their passion. Someone that can help you in building your skills is important because they can be your inspiration. I love the video, thanks for sharing it.

  2. Astro Gremlin

    Larry, reading this, I realize that a post I wrote about one’s “gift” should not have been about how one has been gifted. One’s gift is something worthwhile that you can give back. It my case it’s not that easy to find gifts equal to those I have received. I have helped a couple of people, though.

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