Week 37: Field of Dreams

If I could do anything (other than photography) for a living, one of my top choices would be to play baseball. I mean, how cool is that – to get paid to play a game!?

Sports is a huge part of my life. I can’t remember the last time a week went by without us either attending a pro sporting event, one of our kids’ practices or one of their games. I thought it was only fitting to include a sports-themed image in the 4040 Collection.

My friends at the Frisco Roughriders were kind enough to let me out onto the field last week to create a few images. After leading me out there and dragging the tarp off the pitcher’s mound, they left me alone to photograph away. It was kind of surreal being all alone on that huge field in a totally quiet stadium. After trying out a few different poses, I finally settled on this one – just me relaxing with my camera at home plate.


Big thanks to Mike and Scott at the Roughriders for helping me with this undertaking. If you don’t attend the Roughrider games, let me tell you – you are missing out!


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