Week 33: Vanishing

Week 33: Vanishing

Years ago, my friend and mentor Gail Nogle created an image of her mentor – Jay Stock – bent over a camera with his white hair suspended above the viewfinder. That image has always stuck in my mind and I decided to try and put my own spin on the concept.

I wanted a scene that was almost totally dark – with the main light source coming from inside the camera – illuminating my face. I had to toy around with several different ways of achieving this – but finally figured it out. It had a very old-time feel to it, so I went with that. I added some cloudy texture and a warm tone – along with some grain. To me, the image seems to be fading away – much like the film camera.


This is one of the images that makes the 4040 project fun: trying something I’ve never done before and actually pulling it off.

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