Week 26: Abstract

Week 26: Abstract

Some weeks I have a very specific concept in mind and go after it. More and more frequently, however, I find myself pacing about trying to figure out what to do. Trying to think up something that I can actually pull off before the deadline -but still be something cool. At this point, Heather usually makes a few suggestions and I quickly refuse to do them…. however, during that moment I usually get an inspiration. I head off to create the image and Heather shakes here head and promises to not help me next time.

This week, I KIND OF used her idea. She suggested I do a profile shot that was a silhouette. I originally had nixed the suggestion, then had an idea – I would do the profile but crop and color it in a way that would make it almost abstract.


I think if someone saw this image by itself, they might not even know it was a person – which is kind of cool.

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