Twitter First Impressions

Do you tweet?

If you haven’t experimented with Twitter yet – you really are missing out on something entertaining.  Sure, it can become a huge time-killer – but can’t you say that about most fun things if you do them to excess?  TV, drinking, browsing the internet… same thing.  Yeah, you’ve got a few people updating that they are standing in line at the grocery store, but there are also TONS of really interesting folks out there.  With over 200 million users, you can’t spend a lot of time screening people- which is why the profile picture is so important.   I don’t know about you, but my motto is…. “when in doubt, go by the profile pic”

As a photographer,  I thought it made sense to start keeping an eye out for good and bad profile pics and recognize the really good ones.   To accomplish this, I’m going to have a “Twitter Profile Pic of the Week” contest.  To make mine different from other “of the Week” contests, I’m not going to do it weekly.  Let’s face it, I’ll never keep up with that.  However, it has a nice ring to it, so I’m using it in the title.  I hope nobody is confused, disappointed or otherwise enraged by that.

If you want to follow along, just follow me on Twitter (CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW) and keep your eyes out for the contest.  To vote, just RT with your pick.  Pretty easy, huh?  I might even put a few of the profile pics on the blog for the whole world to see.  Should be fun…




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