Think You Know Ana Hoffman?

Ten Questions:  Ana Hoffman

This week, I’m continuing my “Ten Questions” series with internet traffic diva Ana Hoffman.  Ana’s Traffic Generation Cafe is an incredible website with lots of great content.  She was kind enough to answer my ten questions – so enjoy the post!

1. What made you choose traffic generation as a theme for your site?  Is it something you struggled with yourself?

Yes, I started Traffic Generation Cafe out of necessity. 

I needed to learn how to drive traffic to my then primary business site and had a hard time finding simple actionable information to help me with it.

2.  You went from modeling to blogging.  Which one is tougher?

Modeling is by far one of the most difficult things I’ve done in my life.

Even though it’s always nice to see your face on the cover of a magazine, there are many rejections that line the way.

Blogging is not easy, but my success is entirely under my control. If I fail along the way, there’s no one else to blame.

3.  You’ve obviously been photographed many times.  Which image best shows “the real Ana” ???
child portraitOut of all the question, this is the one that took a while to answer.

It seems like we spend our lives trying to present ourselves in a better light.

Sometimes even to the point where we forget who we really are.  However, this face can’t lie.

This is the best expression of the true me.

4.  Even your best friends would be surprised to learn that when you were younger, you _______________

I live in Arizona because I hate being cold.

I hear it over and over again from my friends and family “But you are from Russia! How can you be cold when it’s in the 80s outside?!”

Little they know I used to do ice swimming. lol

5.  If I had a friend who never heard of your site and I was going to send him a link to ONE post – the one that you are the most proud of – which post would it be?  

I think this post is the most useful one:

6.  Mac or PC?

Mac all the way.

7.  Favorite TV show of all time?

I don’t watch much TV, but the one show that always made me close my computer (not an easy thing to do) was “24” with Kiefer Sutherland.

8.  If you could only read ONE other person’s blog, which blog would it be?  And don’t feel like you have to pick mine to make me feel good!  🙂

Alex Whalley always manages to make me laugh when I read his blog – as well as teach me a thing or two.

9.  What is the biggest goal you have set for yourself this year?

I am more of a goal-getter than goal-setter.

Life taught me not to make plans too far in advance, and I am fine with it.

10.  How long could you go without internet access?

I once almost had a breakdown when we got to a hotel in the Rockies and their Wi-Fi access wasn’t liking my computer.

I am a blogging junkie – there, I said it!

Want to learn how Ana generates web traffic?

Stop by her traffic generation blog or follow her on Twitter.  Trust me, she is very entertaining!

Who is next?

When was the last time YOU came across someone really interesting on the internet?  An entertaining Twitter friend or a photo blogger with incredible images?  I’m always on the lookout for more “Ten Questions” participants.  Leave me a few suggestions below and I’ll add them to my list!


  1. Jupiter Jim


    I was born and raised in Boston and played hockey for ten years. So, just like you, people are shocked to find out that I hate the cold!!!!! I finally got to California and then finally now in Florida which is even warmer. It’s sub tropical weather and I only use the air conditioning 7 to 10 days a year when it’s REALLY Hot and I have some important work I need to get done. Other than that, I LOVE hot and humid!!!

    Thanks again for sharing. Cute pic!

    — Jupiter Jim

    • Larry

      Maybe it is because I live in Texas – but I’ll take cold over hot any day. You can always put on more layers, but when it is 105 there isn’t much you can do…

  2. Thomas

    Hi Larry
    Nice post you have written here about the great Ana Hoffmann. I visit her blog a lot because she shares some great tips and because she is always kind to help. I actually knew most of the thing about her from reading her own blog except the ice swimming thing 😀

  3. Daniel Sikorsky

    That is an interesting interview. Ana’s blog is so great, so it was nice to read a little more about her.

    The former model in SEO world – cool :).

    I like the form of Ten Questions. Interviews are short, but you can learn thing or two about your guest.

    To be honest, the image “of real Ana” made me almost cry from laugh;)

      • Daniel Sikorsky

        Yeah, but that is why this is so unique in SEO world. I think Ana should take more advantage of this 😉

        On the other hand, she writes great articles about SEO, so this is the best ad for her.

  4. Bellaisa

    I also didn’t know she was a model. She’s gorgeous though – so it makes sense. I love her blog…I always come away with something valuable from it. It’s one of those blogs that you always check in on. Interviews – what a fun idea!

  5. Lara

    Hi Larry,
    In fact my friends were introduced me about what “Ana” they are the reason why I found your valuable blog… And I love the way you throw a kind of question to know your self father…

  6. bbrian017

    Hey Larry this is a great one man! Ana I love it! Ana is a blogging junkie and o am I. I love blogging online, wish I could do more of it. I don’t know how you were a model Ana it sounds so stressful always putting yourself out there for people to criticize.

    I’m a big fan of Ana’s writing, I recently found out about her Blog Audit Friday post is back, ironically also the first I’ve read but look forward to it now.

  7. Dev

    Hey Larry,

    Great Interview. I love her writing style and know her since the beginning of the TGC Blog. She has done fantastic work with her blog.


  8. mary Hinkle

    That must have been a adifficult decision for Anna to make from modelling to blogging. I must say that I do agree with Anna that picture is probably the truest representation of her natural beauty.

  9. Jeevanjacobjohn

    Well, that’s a great interview, Larry!

    Never heard an interviewer asking those questions to a participant – then, again, I don’t read much interviews.

    Ana is a great blogger ; she shares awesome new tips that we can use to increase our blog traffic. I would say if I had to choose between my top 5 bloggers, then she will be on that list 😀

    Anyways, great post 🙂

    Jeevan Jacob John

  10. Astro Gremlin

    Larry, Ana is my blogging “professor” and I didn’t know her dark secret. Had no idea she is a Mac user. 🙂 Well conceived interview questions, and answered as only Ana can. Nice.

  11. I know this is an older post Larry but I ran across it earlier this week couldn’t find the time to read it. I’ve actually had it loaded in a tab all week just so I wouldn’t miss it. Like a lot of bloggers, I just wanted to know more about Ana. That’s a great pic of her as a child. 🙂 The date has to be off a bit though, she’s very young but a little over three rears old .lol Nice interview and an easy read.

    • Larry

      Thanks for the comment Brian. Glad to hear I’m not the only guy who leaves posts sitting in a browser tab for a week until I finally read them!!!

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