The Royal Question

I’ve gotta be honest- I just don’t understand this infatuation with the Royal Wedding.  Are people really getting up at four in the morning to watch that?  About the closest I could get would be re-watching the wedding scene from The Princess Bride.  Now I did enjoy that… but still wouldn’t get up at four in the morning to watch it.  In fact, I was being considered as one of the photographers for the wedding, but turned it down because I didn’t want to get up at four o’clock.  I now realize that it was just a timezone-difference thing and maybe I should have taken the gig.  Anyways…

The weirdest part is that American’s seem more interested in the wedding than the English people.  I read that they were estimating only about 20% of the people in England would be watching the wedding, but it seems like 75% of the folks here in the U.S. are watching.  Heck, we can’t get that many people to vote every year.

I think the reason comes down to a difference in our cultures.  I wonder how many little girls in England have “Princess” themed birthday parties?  Probably not as many as we have over here.  Could it be that Americans are more in love with the Royal Family than the folks in the UK?  Maybe it is one of those “grass is always greener” type things.   If we had a president get married while in office, I can’t imagine that people in other countries would get up at four in the morning to watch the telecast.

Either way, it will all be behind us soon.  We will be able to focus our attention on more U.S.-based drama, like the NFL labor situation or getting the economy back on track.   On second thought…. maybe the Royal Wedding stuff is more interesting after all…

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