The Four Seasons


Back in May, I was helping out with the Westwood School’s Shakespeare play and loved how they were doing really complicated makeup on some of the kids. We decided to try and put together a portrait of several girls – all sporting different makeup.

The summer, we gathered up a few brave models and my buddies Sami and Gusi went to work on their hair and makeup. Each girl was made to represent one of the four seasons. I photographed each of them individually on different colored backgrounds and intended to combine them later into one piece in Photoshop. At the end of the session, we did a group shot of all four – just for fun.

Months later – when I finally got around to working on the images – I realized (for better or worse) that the group shot was actually the best image. I worked some Photoshop magic to give it a more painterly, antiqued look – which unfortunately makes it really hard to distinguish the different seasons. However, I loved the overall feel of the image and decided it was the one to keep anyways.

Maybe someday I will go back and work with the individual images and try to create something completely different. For now, I’m delighted with the way this one turned out.

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