Ten Questions: Dave Malby

I’m starting a new series on the blog called Ten Questions.  The plan is to spotlight interesting people who I have discovered on Twitter, Facebook, or even blogs.  I’ll send them 10 questions and post the answers.   It should be interesting!

To lead things off, I sent my questions to Dave Malby.  I came across Dave when I first got into Twitter.  I was amazed that he had such a large following, but still managed to interact with everyone.  Read on and see what you think…

Ten Questions:  Dave Malby

1.  Your Google profile lists your occupation as:  Inventor/Musician/Photographer .  Are those in any particular order?
No, I am also a Real Estate investor and entreprenuer but they allow only so much space on the bio

2.   You invented the Pet Rock Training Leash – do you still have any of them around?
That was 1975 .. No.

3.   I discovered you by way of Twitter.  Seems you have quite a following?  What’s the secret?
Being unique, engage with people and follow back who follow you.

4.  I miss your old Twitter profile pic – with you pointing at the camera.  Any plans to revive that one at some point?
No matter what AVI I put up .. not everyone likes it.  The one I have now was taken by a professional photographer at the after hour party at the Grammys.  The old AVI is at http://dmalby.podomatic.com/.

5.  How much total time do you think you spend on social media each day?
8 hrs minimum per day. – I have a dedicated computer for FaceBook and Twitter, they are on 24/7 and have others computers for work.  I am also in-touch with social media via my iPhone.

6.  Getting back to the musician thing – what instruments do you play?
Piano, Organ, Accordion and Synthesizer.

7.  In your opinion, who is the greatest musician of all time?
Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Carol King, Woody Guthrie, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristopherson .. many many others.

8.  Who is the most over-rated musician of all time?
… HAHAHA .. Justin Bieber, Lada Gaga .. many rappers, punk rockers and heavy metal bands.

9.  Of all the photographs you have created – which one are you the most proud of?
photo sample
This is a promotional photo created with special effects and a green screen.  I enjoyed making it.
10. One fact about Dave Malby that most of your friends don’t even know??
I rarely was in class in elementary school and self taught myself at the library.


If you would like to learn more about Dave, you can follow him on Twitter @davemalby
Dave’s website:  http://www.tpsnet.com/


Do you have someone you think would be a good Ten Questions candidate?  If so, leave a comment and let me know!

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