Source of Inspiration

A photographer friend recently asked me about the inspiration behind my image, “Meet Me On The Trolley.” She had seen George Joy’s image, “The Bayswater Omnibus” and figured that was where I got the idea.

“The Bayswater Omnibus” by Joy

Amazingly, it is not where the idea originated. A client had requested a portrait in the style of her favorite artist – Frida Kahlo. We decided to recreate one of her most famous pieces, “The Bus.”

When the day came to create the image, she decided she didn’t like how she looked in the traditional Indian outfit, so she opted for her wedding dress. It turned out great because it gave the shot such a sense of oddity and contrast.

“The Bus” by Kahlo (top) my image below

If you look in the upper right corner of my painting, you will see a small version of Kahlo’s “Bus” – A subtle tip of the hat to the original image.

The crazy thing is… as I look at all the images, mine actually looks more like the Joy painting than the Kahlo. There is a person in black standing at the edge of the image and a man with a hat reading – neither of which are in the Kahlo. How weird is that? Of course, neither of the previous images had a kid in a monkey suit sitting next to a bride, so hopefully that will set mine apart a bit!

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