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Ready To Take Your Social Media To The Next Level?

Still struggling to get your social media program working properly? If you are like most people, you spend hours and hours online “marketing your business” with very little to show for it.  Don’t worry- help is here!

A while back, I wrote an ebook called Social Media 101 that outlined my basic strategy for keeping up a social media presence- without investing hours of your life.  It all comes down to streamlining the process and using the right tools.  The book sells for $20 but I figured I would go ahead and give people a chance to get it for free.  All you have to have is a Twitter account.  Of course, if you are interested in social media, you almost certainly have one of those, right?

Get The Book Free

Here’s how it works.  Simply click on the Pay With A Tweet button below.  It will prompt you to send out a tweet- telling your friends about the free ebook.  Once you have done that, you are able to download the ebook.  What could be easier?  I’ve been using Pay With A Tweet for the past couple of years and absolutely LOVE it- so give it a try.

Just click the button to get the ebook!

The Hard Partlourcey photography klout score

The easy part is getting a copy of the book now.  The difficult part is follow through.  It is up to YOU to take the info and put it to work.  Trust me, if you follow these steps and use these tools – you will see your Klout score rise and know that you are making some real progress with social media.


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