Social Media For Photographers

Is social media something a photographer needs to be concerned with these days?


Over the past couple of years, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to groups of photographers all over the country. One common thread I have seen is that people are very undecided on social media. Most people are doing Facebook, some are doing LinkedIn and a very small few are doing Twitter. They aren’t sure if it is something they need to do and don’t want to waste a ton of time and energy on it. I’ve bounced back and forth on the topic myself, but have finally settled on the side of “yes- you should do it.”

There is no doubt that social media is here to stay – at least for the next several years. Remember when Facebook first started and none of your friends were on it…. now EVERYONE is on it. Because it takes such a relatively low amount of time to get started, there is really no reason to wait. At the very least, you can setup an account and have your name out there. When people are in need of a service, they aren’t running to the Yellow Pages anymore – they are looking online. The more places you can get your name online, the better the chances are that they will find you when the need hits.

The trick – like anything in life – is to do things in moderation. If you spend 3 hours a day scanning Facebook and Tweeting your friends, your business will likely suffer. What I suggest is that you set aside an hour a week to build and update your social media presence. If you don’t have them, get a Facebook Page, LinkedIn Account and Twitter account. You can even find tons of apps and websites that will allow you to update all three at one time – which really helps you to cover your bases. If you decide it is something you like and it is helping your business, then add more time. If you decide it isn’t for you – well, at least you will have accounts setup and your name will be out there.

In today’s information overload world, every little bit helps. When that extra little bit is free, why not give it a shot?

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