Social Media and its Impact on the Entertainment Industry

Guest Post by Brian Testa

From a Renewed Bingo Setting to Instant Photo Sharing Capabilities

Social media has already made its presence felt in the photo industry with more technologies that cater to portability and ease of access. Although the DSLRs are still a must for professional shutterbugs, casual camera users are leaning more on tiny devices with simple settings and instant sharing capabilities.

And of course, given the scope of social media’s presence, photography is not the only field affected. Much like photographers, bingo enthusiasts are also influenced by social media. In fact, social media allowed the present generation to enjoy the iconic pastime. Before the present bingo industry found its rebirth online, it enjoyed little to no audience at all. Most of the hobby’s devotees were from Europe. But outside the continent, you’ll barely find a country where bingo halls are frequently visited.

In the past, bingo thrived in a maternal setting. This is arguably one reason why the game remains tied to stereotypes of women as bingo’s target audience. As far as the current setting is involved however, a women-centric audience is no longer the case. A renewed online platform acts as a substitute for anyone who wishes to play bingo. This catered to a wider audience, and eventually more people came to appreciate the simplicity and yet higher payouts in online bingo.

A huge trend in today’s gaming industry is to go social. Much like photo websites who are keen on including the social element in their interface, present bingo sites are also full of the community element. Simple games like chess can always turn to Live Chess’ chat forums in the same way bingo enthusiasts frequented’s interactive setting to mingle with fellow players. With a diverse setting and a whole list of options, one can simply stay at home and play bingo anytime they want.