Smiles For Everyone!

Wow- what a weekend!

On Saturday, we put together a charity photo session to benefit Operation Smile.  We set out to raise money to pay for kids to have corrective surgery and it was a great success.  If you are unfamiliar with the program, you can read about it in my last blog post.  It really is a great cause.



Several people showed up to flash their wonderful smiles and help a child fix their smile.

operation smile portraits

I was thrilled that we had so many generous people show up to help.  In all, we raised enough money for three surgeries!  How great to spend a few hours of your time and truly impact three lives like that?!


Now that we’ve got the hang of this whole thing, we will really take it up a notch next year and raise even more money.  If you missed out this year, I hope you will join us next time!




  1. Karyn18

    Congratulations for the job well done Larry! Bless those people who gave time and effort to those who needs help..
    Continue this good deed!

  2. Rochelle Harrison

    Thanks for posting this awesome post. You did a great job. Let always remember that smiling will help us look younger.

  3. Heidi19

    I admire you and those people who gave time to help raised money for the surgery. Just keep up the good work and job well done Larry!

  4. Charis

    Practice smiling every morning in the mirror. Put on some uplifting music and this will help you get into smiling mode.

  5. Cassie

    This is a great event. I would love to have this kind of event in out community soon. Thanks for the idea!

  6. Hi Larry. This is such a thoughtful initiative. Sorry to have missed it this time but would be glad to join you next year. A perfect smile can add radiance to life.

  7. That’s an awesome collection of smiles there, Larry – great shot! It’s always uplifting to read stuff like this – people giving their time and professional skills to help aid a cause. Despite the world being a little dark sometimes it’s really positive to see how people still want to help each other, you know?

    Also, how infectious is a smile!

    • Larry

      Yep-it was a lot of fun. Looking forward to taking it up a notch next year and raising even more money. Fingers crossed…

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