Senior Portrait: Claire

This weekend, I ventured up to McKinney for a senior portrait session with Claire.  It was about 40 degrees out – and the building had no heat- but we pressed on.  Honestly, I don’t know how she survived the cold in her spring outfits, but she did it.

We ended up with some fabulous images, so I thought I’d share a few here.

The thing I love about senior photography is that you are capturing a very pivotal time in their life.  High school seniors are beyond the kid phase and racing toward adulthood.  They have their whole life ahead of them and the possibilities are endless.  A good senior portrait should go beyond what someone looks like and express part of their personality.  My goal was to try and get a wide variety of looks – from fun to serious.

Senior Portrait Close-up

For this shot, I opened the camera up to really get a shallow depth of field.  It really made the eyes project out of the image.  We left just enough detail in the background to give it some depth.  It was definitely one of my favorite images of the session.


Senior Portrait brick wall Dallas

This image was at the other end of the spectrum – a loose, fun shot with a casual feel.  Claire is OU-bound, so we wanted to get some photographs of her in her college colors.  It definitely adds another layer of personality to the session.  We used reflectors to even out the lighting and get a laid-back look.

I photographed her at an angle to help give the image depth.  The soft color palette of the wall really worked nicely with her outfit.  I’m a big fan of soft, muted colors in the background because they don’t distract or compete with the subject.


Outdoor Senior Portrait Plano

Once things had warmed up to a tropic-like 50 or so, we ventured outside for a few more looks.  This time, the goal was to get something bright and spring-like.  The pink dress really pops off the neutral background and the greenery going up the side gives a nice change of texture.  The planks on the door and the stones around the edge add a nice element of repetition.  It also doesn’t hurt when you have a model who is comfortable “striking a pose” on command.

By the end of the session, we had definitely accomplished our goal.  We had a wide variety of images that showed off the many sides of Claire’s personality- from fun to serious.  The difficult part will be choosing the favorites!


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