Scavenger Hunt

This weekend, we hosted a scavenger hunt for some of the students from Westwood.   The kids were given a list of things they had to be photographed with – and they tried to complete as many as possible during the time allowed.

I thought you might enjoy a couple of the images:

(some of the members of Team Holly in front of a fire truck)

(Some members of Team Dayton posing in front of a house)

Although Team Holly managed to pull off a 10 point victory, both teams had a lot of fun.  Here is a shot of all the participants proudly showing off their fabulous prizes!!!

This was actually the first of two scavenger hunt parties that we are hosting this month.  The second one is coming up this weekend and this time – all the participants are grown-ups.  If you think these pictures were funny, be sure to check back next week!!!


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