S.O.S.- An Update

The Big Picture

By now, most of you are painfully aware of my participation in the WeBlogBetter “Survive The Blog” competition.

I’ve survived to the seventh week and we are down to the final four.  I’m up against some pretty tough competition, but together we can do this!

Every Monday we get our challenge for the week.  The good news is, there are only three weeks left.  The bad news is – I could use your help for all three!  (Well, it really isn’t BAD news, it just isn’t “Hooray/Yippee!” news.)


Today is the last day of this week’s challenge- the Traffic Challenge!  We get points for every visitor we get to each of our posts.  I could really use some more traffic to try and win immunity.

Could you please click on these posts for me?

Think Like A Frog

Do You Believe In Chris Rene?

Celebrate Failure

Life According To Ferris

Goal Setting For The Under-Achiever

More importantly, please tell your friends about it.  What I really need is NUMBERS.  Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!!!