Review: Olloclip for the iPhone5

If you are like me, your iPhone is with you all the time – like 24/7.  Even though I make my living with a DSLR, I still take the vast majority of my “snapshot” pics with my phone.  Its just easier because it is always with me- and the image quality isn’t bad!  The one issue I always have with the iPhone, is the lens.  It will zoom in a little bit, but you can’t make it wider… until now.

The Olloclip

I was first introduced to the Olloclip a couple of years ago when I bought one for my iphone 4.  It is basically a small lens that attaches to your iphone, giving it either a wide angle, fisheye or macro lens option.  The optics are very nice and it opens up a whole new world of iphone photography.  When you combine this lens with your favorite app- like Snapseed or Instagram- the sky is the limit!

iphone photoHere is a sample photograph taken with my iPhone 5- just to give you a reference point for comparison.




wide lens olloclip

Next we will look at a shot taken from the exact same distance, but using the Olloclip wide angle lens.




olloclip fisheye

Finally, here is a shot from the same distance, but using the Olloclip fisheye lens.  You can see we are getting a LOT more area.  You do get a little bit of vignetting around the edges, but this is only with phones. You don’t seem to get it with video-though I’m not sure why.  Hopefully one of you techies will leave the answer in the comments!!!


Easy To Use

The great thing about the Olloclip is that it is soooo easy to use.  You just slip it onto the corner of your phone and then use whatever app you want.  Now I don’t use the macro lens too often, but having the fisheye and wide-angle options is something I absolutely LOVE!

hotel photoHere is an image I took using the fisheye lens- combined with an HDR app- then output via Instagram.  Not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but definitely not your typical cell phone photo!  Trying to get that whole room into a typical iPhone shot would have been impossible.  It even comes with a little cloth pouch to carry it around in your purse or pocket – so there is no excuse for being caught without your Clip!

Slight Downside

Ok, there’s only one real negative about the Olloclip- and its kind of a big one for me.  To attach the lens to your camera, you have to remove your camera case.  I’m not one to carry around a “naked” iPhone, so constantly taking the cover off and on is a huge pain for me.  Its just something I live with, since I love the results.

The good news is that Olloclip is coming out with their own case that allows you to slip on the lens without removing the cover.  I know, I know… its one more thing to buy – but I will definitely be in line for that one when it becomes available!

Check out Olloclip online

You can find your own Olloclip at  If you order one – or if you already have one- I’d love to hear what YOU think.  Leave me a note in the comments with your personal review.



  1. My boyfriend loves to photograph random things that he finds artistic using his phone and I think olloclip is the perfect gift that I can give to him. Thanks for the good review Larry!

  2. Hey!
    This seems to be really interesting bro!
    Being a photographer I have been clicking various photographs but all using my DSLR, I never really tried with phone but now I think its time to give it a try once! 😉

    Thanks for this awesome share!
    Your rocked it! 😀

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