Rebecca Boatman, Artist

Finally…. the second installment of the “Portrait of an Artist” series. I’ve fallen behind a bit on these, but I’ll catch up – I promise.


I met Rebecca several years ago when I took her Art Appreciation class. In addition to teaching college art classes, I knew she also created and sold her own art. I knew she would be a great addition to the Project.

My original plan was to create an image of her creating at her pottery wheel. There was great light in the room and it was a joy to shoot in there.


After I had created a few images of her working (and after I thought I had created the image I wanted) – she asked if I would photograph a couple of items for her. She brought out these very cool statues she was creating for an upcoming exhibit and I knew that THIS was going to be the shot.

She sat down behind one of them and started working on it and the whole shot just fell into place. I added some texture and worked it over in Photoshop a little bit and voila – the final image.


I loved the interplay of the two faces – with the artist fading into the background of the art.


  1. Gene Tilby

    That is a good shot, I have a special level of appreciation for those that work on a potter’s wheel. I tried it, I’ve seen what I can create on one…and I’ve seen what others can create on one. No contest. :)

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