Ready to Launch?

Could you use more visitors to your website or more customers walking in your front door?  If you are struggling to get the word out to potential clients, you might want to consider a more “space age” approach.

Last week, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of Launch by Michael Stelzner.  The book equates marketing a business to launching a spaceship and the focus is on helping you create the “fuel.”   I’ve been a fan of Michael’s Social Media Examiner website for the past year or so and found it have a great deal of info, so I knew the book was a safe bet as well!  The book is very easy to read, as Stelzner has broken the information down into pretty simple parts.

Now the whole spaceship theme was a bit of a blessing and a curse – at least for me.  At times, it got a little repetitive – but it DID help to keep things straight.  For better or for worse, you were constantly reminded of the big picture and how each component contributed to the goal.  What I really liked was how the book provides several specific examples of how to reach each goal.   It doesn’t just say, “come up with good content” but rather, it gives you several good ideas for creating the content.

I’ve read a ton of books on marketing and I still found myself jotting down notes as I read through Launch.   Whenever I give a program, I always tell the audience that my goal is for them to come away with at least ONE concrete, do-able concept that they can use.  If you take the time to read this book, I’m confident you will easily get your one concept.  In all honesty, you will probably get a bunch more!

If you think your business could use a little boost, drop by the bookstore and check out a copy:  Photo Education Bookstore

What more can I offer you?  Well how about a FREE copy of the book?  That’s right, we have a free copy to give away to one lucky reader.  All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me you would like a copy of the book.  If you want to double your odds of winning, you can also tweet:

I just entered to win a free marketing book from @larryphoto

You have until Friday, July 22 to comment and/or Tweet the message- so enter today!



  1. I Love marketing books and I Love to do out of the box thinking marketing. and anyone that thinks that they have to much business it just silly! I would Love to win a copy of the book Launch!

  2. Hi Larry,

    thanks for this great recommendation, I am always looking for the next great marketing book. With the economy still sputtering about, this is no time to let off the gas when it comes to marketing your business.

  3. Edie Smith

    I would LOVE a copy of “Launch”. Marketing keeps changing, like every second, so we’re always up for constructive ideas. Hope you’re staying cool in the Texas heat. Kansas isn’t much better right now.

  4. Larry, I love that you share material and ideas of things you have found to work. Always looking to grow as a photographer and in business. It would be a blessing to win a free copy of “launch”.

  5. Oh boy, I would LoVe a copy of Launch. It sounds like just the kind of book that would work for me. Ditto Elizabeth Merrick…maybe I’ll win, but if not I’ll probably check it out anyway since you’ve given it such a strong endorsement. Thanks for sharing Larry!

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