Picture Perfect

It is always a lot of fun when we can incorporate hobbies or interests into a portrait session.   I photographed Bri last week and she just happened to be into photography!

 At the end of the session, we decided to try something different.   We put her camera on a tripod next to her and I set up my camera with a cable release- allowing Bri to actually trigger the camera.   She took a series of self-portraits, which I incorporated into this series.


It made for some fun images that really help to show her personality and go beyond just a recording of what she looks like.


  1. Laura

    This was so much FUN!! We couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. I am trying to figure out what to photograph next (after you finish the rest of my fine art).

  2. Bri

    This was so much fun Larry. Despite the fact that my grandmother hated the idea of the rock-n-roll in the picture she ended up getting a few with that one. i guess you and I are just that good when it comes to persuasion. lol love always, BRI

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