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Lately, I’ve started taking some time to just browse around the internet and look for photographers who interest me.  Maybe they have interesting stories or just stunning images.  Instead of just leaving a comment and heading on to the next search, I thought I’d start highlighting a few on my blog.  I don’t really care if they are seasoned pros or weekend warriors – I’m looking for images with impact!

Now anyone who knows me is aware that I’m a big fan of classical portraits.   I like to see where the artist really controlled all the elements of the situation to create a masterpiece.  Because of this, many photojournalistic style photographers don’t always impress me.  They get some cute expressions, but nothing that has any real “wow” factor.   This weekend I stumbled across Colorado photographer Julie Harris’ Blog and was blown away by the first image I saw.

copyright 2011 Julie Harris

It was about as far away from my typical session as you could get, but there was no denying the impact.  The expressions were just killer – so I decided to browse a little more.  What I found was a photographer who is able to exercise a great deal of control over the lighting, but still keep a spontaneous feel to the image.  It didn’t appear that she was just shooting a thousand frames and hoping to get twelve good ones- you could tell that some thought went into these.

copyright 2011 Julie Harris

I’ve viewed a lot of images over the past few months and Julie’s work was a refreshing break from a lot of the cookie-cutter stuff that is out there right now.

I hope you will take a minute to check out her website and see for yourself.  Keep up the good work Julie!


  1. Larry–wow. I’m really speechless… thank you so much for your kind words and attention to my work. It’s so hard to make compelling images over and over again — especially engagement portraits! I sometimes feel like all my works starts to look the same, so I try desperately to think outside the box to make images that have character and still evoke a sort of tenderness… Lighting always adds drama to an image and I’ve been on a constant quest lately to find it, use it and master it. It’s certainly a ” work in progress”…

    Thanks again! You truly made my day!

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