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Week 31

Oct 13

It is hard to believe that I am down to the final ten weeks of the 40@Forty Project. The year is flying by – but I guess that is what happens when you get old! This weekend I was browsing through my iTunes library and I came across a Paul Simon album cover that caught my attention. It was a very stark – almost geometric – portrait. I decided to...

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Oct 07

Of all the portraits I have done this year, this has to be one of the ones I am most proud of! When I started working on my Masters of Photography degree several years ago, I decided I would try and get it with at least one image of each person in my family. After a few years of competition, I had gotten merit prints of myself, my two boys and even our dog Annie....

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Week 30: The Formal Portrait

Oct 05

Week 30: Formal Painting After last week’s high-tech look, I decided to go the opposite direction with this image. I wanted to create a very antique – almost Old Master- look with a strong, directional light and a limited color palette. I tried to be very aggressive with the brushstrokes, getting increasingly loose as I moved away from the center of...

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Week 29: Snapshots

Sep 30

I had this idea pop into my head, but was having trouble sorting out the logistics. How could I chop up the image in different ways and still retain a somewhat visable photographic image? After toying around in Photoshop for a while, I came up with a system and started working. I took 16 pieces of the same image, kept the size consistent, then pieced them back...

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Annie, Age 40 (sort of)

Sep 23

I was unpacking my camera bag in the studio this week and noticed my faithful sidekick, Annie, sitting by the door watching me. Not sure what made me think of this, but it occurred to me that she turned 6 last month. Some quick calculations and I realized that she had hit the big 40 this year – if you went by “dog years.” I figured that was a...

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The Latest 4040s

Sep 23

The 40@Forty Project is doing well, but I’ve fallen a bit behind on posting them on the blog. Gotta work on that! For those of you who are not on Facebook, this should bring you up to speed. Week 27 was an experiment with light. Instead of using studio lights or even sunshine, I decided to try a portrait entirely lit by candlelight. It presented quite a few...

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Week 26: Abstract

Sep 07

Week 26: Abstract Some weeks I have a very specific concept in mind and go after it. More and more frequently, however, I find myself pacing about trying to figure out what to do. Trying to think up something that I can actually pull off before the deadline -but still be something cool. At this point, Heather usually makes a few suggestions and I quickly refuse to...

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