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Fellow 40: Ketan

Nov 13

Ketan, Age: 40 This guy is a perfect example of what the 4040 Project is all about. To commemorate his 40th birthday, Ketan decided to start a major undertaking. Although he had never done much running before, he set his sights on running in the White Rock Marathon. He has spent most of the year training and preparing himself for the marathon, which takes place...

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Nov 13

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Indiana state photography convention. I served as a judge at their print competition, then gave a 3 hour photography program. One of the great things about my job is that I get to be in an industry where people really love their jobs. The folks in Indiana were so friendly and welcoming that I can’t wait to...

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Week 35: The IMA Steps

Nov 09

This week, I had the pleasure of judging and speaking at the Indiana Professional Photographer’s convention. After finishing up my morning program, Heather and I decided to spend the afternoon exploring the Indianapolis Museum of Art. As we were heading into the building from the parking garage, this staircase to the upper level caught my attention. I knew...

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Fellow 40: Scott

Nov 04

Scott, Age: 40 It was cool to finally get a musician in for a Fellow Forty portrait. Scott plays bass guitar and I thought it would be cool to photograph him with an upright bass. As luck would have it, I stumbled onto someone who lives right by me that had one! The shoot couldn’t have been simpler. Basically Scott sat there playing-more or less in his own...

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Week 34: Warholesque

Nov 02

Week 34: Warholesque Since the beginning of the project, I’ve been toying around with trying something in this style. Not because I like it particularly, but because it is such an iconic style. I toyed around with the levels and left in a few more shades of gray – as opposed to how Warhol did it. The resulting extra colors kind of make it a bit more...

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Fellow Forty – Lexi

Oct 29

I knew that Lexi was expecting her third child, but had absolutely no idea she was forty. When I found out – I knew she needed to be included in the 40@Forty Project. We wanted to create something cool that wasn’t the traditional maternity portrait that you see every day. It occurred to me that my abstract profile concept – which I used for my...

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Week 33: Vanishing

Oct 26

Week 33: Vanishing Years ago, my friend and mentor Gail Nogle created an image of her mentor – Jay Stock – bent over a camera with his white hair suspended above the viewfinder. That image has always stuck in my mind and I decided to try and put my own spin on the concept. I wanted a scene that was almost totally dark – with the main light source...

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