Outside Your Comfort Zone

The great thing about challenges is how they push you outside your comfort zone.  Sure- sometimes they end with terrible crash landings, but sometimes they end with a huge feeling of accomplishment.  To me the reward really does outweigh the risk.

For starters, we really use the word challenge very loosely.   Columbus sailing around the world with no idea where he was heading- THAT is a challenge.  Trying to reach the moon in a spaceship – very much a challenge.  Chances are, the challenges that you and I attempt are not quite as adventurous.  That’s why it is a no-brainer to give things a try.

A couple of weeks ago, I threw my name into the hat to compete in the WeBlogBetter “Survive The Blog” contest.   It is basically a blogging contest based on the hit TV show, Survivor.  The organizer, Kiesha, was kind enough to choose me – now here we are.  I was placed on a team with four very different bloggers – two from the U.S, one from England and one from India.  Hey- we’ve got three continents covered!!  The downside is trying to communicate since we are all in very different time zones.

Our first week’s challenge was to create a blog from scratch.  We put our heads together and came up with a fantastic little site called TheNextGoal.com .  Interestingly enough, the blog is geared towards challenges and helping you get through them.  We hit on everything from creativity to fitness to just plain feeling good.  We chose a design, played with color schemes, added graphics – then sat down and wrote a bunch of great posts… all from scratch!

The Next Goal Website


Here is where you come in…

This weekend, they are accepting votes for which design is better.  The highest vote getter will have a leg-up in the competition.  The blog that wins the Week One challenge will live to compete for another week.  The losing team will have to vote off one of their members.  I think they are going to involve Jeff Probst in voting off ceremony – but I might be just making that part up.

Please take a minute to drop by and vote for Team Two!!! –   Vote on Blogs

If you want bonus points from me, be sure to leave a comment saying how awesome the blog looks.  :)

I don’t think there has ever been a contest quite like this and I know for sure that I’ve never participated in one – so I would really appreciate your support!  I mean, I’m not exactly sailing around the world, but who knows… maybe that will be the next challenge!



  1. ntathu allen

    Hi Larry..its great working with you. Yes this has been a mini adventure! Most definitely. Good to read your perspective and hear it from your side. Well done and lets keep the love flowing for the next 9weeks!

  2. del mar luxury homes

    What a challenge this is indeed. I’ll go check the site out. Good luck here and keep your eyes on the prize!

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