Off The Record: Pink Lady

Pink Lady

This next image in my Off The Record Project is a tribute to Pink’s “The Truth About Love” album cover.

While it might not be quite as iconic as some of the other ones we will be tackling, it was certainly a fun one to create.  After all- isn’t that what it is all about?

The Concept

Pink Album CoverWhen Karen contacted me about doing this album cover, we had one big problem.  Her hair wasn’t blonde!  We discussed a few options- one of them being her bleaching her hair- but determined that to get the real pink hair look, we would have to go the wig route.  Karen went to work putting together the outfit.  She even went so far as to sew buttons onto the sleeve of the top to match the album cover.  She is really a detail person!!!

The Session

After an expert hair and makeup treatment from my Off The Record accomplice Julie Spero, we set out to recreate the cover image.  Karen was a real trooper- as I can imagine it was pretty tough to squat in those heals for more than a few seconds.  She had clearly practiced the pose, however, because she did it exactly right the first time.  I then set out to create pop art, almost cartoonish, look of the Pink image.

We had one final element to deal with and that was the tattoo on Pink’s left arm.  Karen didn’t have a tattoo there, so I decided to add one.  Julie had the brilliant idea of adding the names of Karen’s kids – so that’s what I did.  I even added the names of the two dogs.  You probably won’t be able to see it in the online version- but it is there!

Karen Pink Album CoverThe Final Cover

I was thrilled with how the final image came together.  I thought it definitely captured the feel of the original, but had a bit of a Karen spin to it.

So which album will be next?  We still have some openings in the schedule, so if you have an album you would like to recreate, drop me a line and let me know.  There are plenty of classics still out there!


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