Off The Record: Les Adorables

The Next Album

As we work our way through the Off The Record Project, I thought it was time to mix in a fairly modern album – a movie soundtrack actually.  While the Les Miserables soundtrack isn’t necessarily an “iconic” album, it is definitely a very recognizable cover.  On top of that, it is actually a pretty cool portrait.

Portrait Outtake

Trying to survive the Hurricane!

The setup was pretty easy- light the model and hit her with some air to make the hair fly around.  Turns out it took a little more air than I had thought.  By the time things were finished, we had her mom using a blow dryer from the side and my assistant using a leaf blower from the front!  Through it all, she managed to keep her eyes open and focus on the camera.  Quite the trooper!  There was hair flying all over the place- I’m not sure how she survived.

The Title

The only part that I was unsure about was how to handle the title.  Luckily my model had already figured that one out.  We changed “Miserables” to “Adorables” – which worked perfectly.  If you’ve ever been in front of my camera, you know I love to use that word, so it fit perfectly! The rest pretty much fell into place with some light post-production in Photoshop. It will certainly make a fantastic addition to the series.

Movie Portrait

Your Turn

Les Mis Poster

So what do YOU think?  Which album should I attack next? Is there an album you would like to see- or maybe in star in yourself?

Let me know and you just might get your wish!


  1. Natalie Connelly

    Lana Del Ray- Born to Die album cover or Haim- Days Are Gone they are two very simplistic album covers & have a vintage-y feel.

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