My Three Hits Of The Summer

The Competition

Every year, I participate in the Professional Photographers of America’s International Photographic Competition.

The way it works is that you send them your four best images and if they are judged to be good enough, they are accepted into a collection of images that are displayed at the national convention the following year.

Going LOAN!

One of the biggest honors an image can receive is to go a step further and be accepted into the Loan Collection.  These images are the best of the best and go into a coffee table book each year.  It is quite an honor to get one of your images accepted into the Loan Collection – so I was thrilled to find out that I had THREE of my images “go Loan” this year!  Here’s a quick look at the three entries:

School Spirit

This image was created for a high school senior last year and I mentioned it in my post on senior photography at the time.

It was based on my Week 1 image from the 40@Forty Project and proved to be a cool alternative to the traditional “letter jacket” use of the letter.  The image was painted in Corel Painter, then tweaked in Photoshop to give it a cartoon-like feel.  As soon as we created the image, I knew it was special.

Sometimes things just click!


The Four Seasons

I created this image a while back with some of my favorite high school models.  It sat on my hard drive for a while, until I figured out what to do with it.  I struggled to find the right painting technique and presentation.   I finally settled on a very subtle technique, with a bit of a painted border around it.  The image struggled at the regional judging and almost wasn’t accepted.  Luckily one of the judges was passionate enough about it to get it accepted.  Based on the fact that it eventually went into the Loan Collection- he must have been right! :)

Cubist Concerto

This was the latest in my Cubist series.  I had been wanting to incorporate a piano into one of my pieces and this seemed like a perfect fit.  I found a willing model and he was kind enough to stop by the studio on his way home from the airport after a trip- which allowed me to get the piece put together in time for my deadline the next day.  It went through several revisions, finally ending up with what you see here.  I love the look of the piano keys as they wrap around him.

What Now?

Now I’m in the process of scrambling to put together entries for the next competition.  Don’t be surprised if I call you up and beg you to be a model!


  1. Herman Johnson

    School spirit is really awesome Larry! I am just learning to use Photoshop that way but it really can change your photos to art!

  2. An incredible achievement to have 3 images ‘go loan,’ Larry but if we’re being honest, I’m not all that surprised to hear it.

    You’re clearly a remarkably talented artist. It’s wonderful to see that you’re being recognised for those gifts!

    Here’s to many more summer’s like this still to come for you!

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