My First Assignment

I got into photography in a very round-about way.  After graduating from college, I went to work for an insurance company.  My boss happened to coach a youth baseball team and since he knew I was interested in photography, asked me to come photograph his team.  I basically charged them enough to cover my expenses, since I was so excited to be getting paid for something I enjoyed anyways!  

Don’t worry – the story gets more interesting…

At the time, my first official assignment seemed pretty ordinary – just a little league baseball team in Irving.  Years later, I discovered that one of the kids on the team was Chase Daniel, the Missouri quarterback who won Big12 Offensive Player of the Year and was a finalist for the 2007 Heisman Trophy. 


I sent the photo to Chase’s family and he was kind enough to sign it for me while he was in town for the Cotton Bowl.   You just never know how a photo assignment will turn out!


  1. Scott Smalley

    I remember rolling the dice by having you take the team photos for my team (12 years ago). It was a risk because all the other teams were using the “league photographer” to do their pics; however, once the team pictures were published, everyone was asking me who the photographer was that photo’ed my team. Our pics were the pride of the league.

    Thanks again for changing your career!

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