LOST in Oahu

Heather and I just got back from spending a week on the island of Oahu.  When we found out that a great deal of ABC’s LOST was filmed there, we decided to drive around and find a few of the locations. It was amazing how they were able to make one small island look like so many different places! Truly incredible.

We started out across the street from our hotel- at the Honolulu Convention Center, which was used as the Sydney Airport.

lost airport
us at the airport

Next up was Hurley’s house:

After that, we stopped by Sun’s house…

After a little searching, we found the creepy forest place where Charlie was hanging and where Kate hid from the smoke monster

Another highlight was a round of golf on Hurley’s golf course…

After all that activity, we decided to hike up to the famous waterfall.

Luckily, the dead body had been removed from the bottom of the pond

Since it was just up the road, we decided to drop by Mr. Ecko’s Nigerian village.

A short drive away was the crash site – but the wreckage has long since been removed.  It was still a pretty cool place.

We finished up with a visit to Otherville.


The assembly hall served as several different buildings in the show- here are three of them…

All in all, it was a great experience.  If you were a big fan of LOST, it is definitely worth a day to drive around and find all the spots.


  1. It really is a magnificent place. Unfortunately I have never been…
    I’m a big fan of the show and I love how you compared your photos with shots from the show.

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