Little Sports

We had a couple of brothers in for sports collages this week.  We always end up taking more shots than we will actually use in the final piece.   I’m not sure if these two images will be used or not, but thought you might enjoy seeing them anyways.

I loved the intensity on the older brother’s face in this shot.   He is a pitcher on his little league team and I wanted to capture what the batter sees right before the pitch.


His younger brother was photographed in his soccer uniform.   Although we ended up with a lot of smiling shots, I loved the mood of this image.


To me, it is a classic portrait of a little boy.  He isn’t trying to pose for the camera.  It is just a simple, honest image that really has a sense of drama.   His casual glance is what makes it work.


  1. C

    Knowing these boys well, I am amazed at how you were able to pull out each of their personalities and have it come out in the photograph. These stand alone and make a statement, but I am also excited to see the final product!

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