Keeping Perspective

This weekend, the United States officially removed BinLaden from power.  It was a very joyous moment in a long, sometimes depressing story.

When things like this happen in the “real world” it really puts life in the “photography world” into perspective.  It really is so important to balance your personal life with your photography life.  We have things that happen to us professionally all the time – like dealing with a rude client or having Photoshop crash when we haven’t saved in 3o minutes…. hey it happens.  At the time, it seems like such a terrible, crushing event.  However, when we put things into perspective, most of our problems are pretty small in the grand scheme of things.   This isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

One of the examples I always use is how people who are great at something usually have a big, big flaw.  Take just about any field and choose a few of the people who are at the top or were at the top.  In music, maybe Michael Jackson, Madonna, Elvis, John Lennon – everyone would agree they were at the top of the game – but they all end up a little bit crazy.   Who is the most talked-about TV actor these days?  Hands down, it is Charlie Sheen.

Maybe it is that small element of “crazy” that actually propels these to the top of their field- but it is all about sacrifice.  You can’t be the best at too many things…. something has got to give.

For me, I’m trying my best to keep a balance- decide what things are most important to me and do them 100%.  Everything else is just details.


  1. Jeffrey K. Edwards

    Larry ~

    Interesting perspective on “obama got osama” – you are spot on. Just when we think things are getting overwhelming in our world, it helps to step back and look at the big picture of life. It is all relative…to your frame of reference.

    I also agree that if you are not pushing the limits and being a little “crazy” then you are probably missing much of what life has to offer. For example, some of the best images I have seen come from spontaneous moments that occurred because of just getting to be “there.”

    Thanks for sharing!

    ~ jeff

    • Larry

      Thanks for commenting Kyle. Too bad we can’t just turn the “crazy” on and off whenever we need it, huh?

      • John B

        Hi Larry. To echo the thoughts of Jeff and yourself, in my experience, crazy situations can be encountered after meticulous logical planning. And I’m not a Navy Seal… Just a photographer.

        I thinks it’s best to leave the on/off crazy button to the hands of fate. Sometmes you can be far removed from the situation or place that you planned for, and get a pleasant surprise when you find yourself in the right place at the right time. With your camera ready.

        That said, when a ‘Hindsight Device’ is leaked and available on Ebay I may just be tempted!

        Best wishes to you both.


          • John B

            I just won one, but apparently they are not available for international delivery to Edinburgh, Scotland. I wish I’d known that when I’d purchased it.

  2. Peter

    I suffered a family loss recently and therefore can echo the sentiments you write about in your last paragraph.

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