Imaging USA 2015

ImagingUSA is right around the corner!  

For those who don’t know, ImagingUSA is the once-a-year photography extravaganza, hosted by the Professional Photographers of America. This thing is HUGE with loads of great educational programs and a mind-blowing trade show.  If you are anywhere near Nashville, this is can’t-miss.  If you aren’t near Nashville, you should GET to Nashville.  It is THAT cool!

Senior Programlarry speaking

As if things weren’t exciting enough, I will have the great honor of being on of the speakers at this year’s convention.  I’m doing a program on Senior Portraits (program details) and can’t wait to talk shop with so many great photographers.  I will talk about how I approach senior portraits – and portraits in genera, for that matter – and walk you through my process.  I assure you, it will be educational AND entertaining.

Hope to see you there!



  1. I loved the Imaging USA trade show when I was there back in 2010. I’m curious as to how beneficial trade shows have been to you and your business… I gained a lot from the educational side of things, but didn’t do a ton of networking. Have you seen it help your senior business?

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