Imaging Excellence

Road Trip
This week, I travelled to Atlanta, Georgia to attend the Professional Photographers of America’s national convention- ImagingUSA.

I had a great time catching up with old photographer friends and sitting in on some great photography seminars.

Imaging Excellence

Photography Award Atlanta GA


The high point for me was receiving the Imaging Excellence Award from PPA.  I’ve always been an active participant in photographic competitions and the IE award is one of the top achievements you can reach for.  Every year, the best of the best images are accepted into the PPA Loan Collection and included in the prestigious PPA Loan Book.   Getting an image in the Loan Book is no easy task, but I’ve been fortunate enough to get a few of my images included.

Photography Award Atlanta GAThe Imaging Excellence Award is given to photographers who have managed to get thirteen of their images accepted into the Loan Collection.  It took a while to achieve, but I ended up with three Loan images this year- which pushed me to the magical 13!  It was truly an honor to be given such an exciting award and sharing the stage with some of the top photographers in the industry.

Night At The Aquarium

After the awards ceremony, the whole family headed off to a big party at the Atlanta Aquarium. Family Photography Award Atlanta GA If you’ve never been to the aquarium, it is not to be missed. It was in incredible party and I was lucky enough to have the whole family go along with me!

Big thanks to Jim LaSala, Gail Nogle and Edythe Blackwell for providing me with some great images from the night.


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