Ice Princess

One of my images that I get asked about frequently is “Ice Princess” from a few years ago.  I had recently had my camera converted for IR photography and started experimenting with using it on people.  The look it produced was very unpredictable and sometimes pretty creepy (as evidenced by my Week 10 portrait from the 40@Forty Project).

The model was actually my niece, who was in town visiting.  We dressed her in a white, hooded coat and setup an entirely high-key scene.  I used the IR camera and overexposed the image a bit to create this shot.

IcePrincess Portrait

The infrared camera really gave her face and eyes an otherworldly look – almost like a young version of the White Witch from the Narnia series.  It was the kind of image that you either loved or hated.

I entered it in competition and the jury was divided.  Luckily, the pros eventually outweighed the cons and the image received a Seal of Approval.  Certainly not the kind of image you want to sell to Mom – but a great way to stretch your creativity.


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