How To Take Better Photographs

Do you want to get better at photography?  It doesn’t matter if you a seasoned pro or a brand-new-just-bought-a-camera newbie.  We ALL want to get better.  Here’s your chance.

Viva Mexico!

This fall, I’m taking a group of photographers to Riviera Maya, Mexico for four days of photography in a fun, relaxed environment.  It doesn’t matter if you have a $5000 DSLR or just your iPhone – the concepts we go over will apply to everyone.  We are also keeping the group really small, so I will have plenty of time to work one-on-one with each photographer.  It is going to be an incredible trip!

The Hotel

El Dorado Royale Mexico

We will be staying at the El Dorado Royale in Riviera Maya.  I spent a few days there earlier this month, scouting locations for our trip.  This place is absolutely first class!  The rooms are beautiful, the food is incredible and the service is better than being at Disney.  Trust me- it is a phenomenal location, so be sure to bring a friend or spouse.  They can lounge on the beach while we create some dazzling images.


Don’t worry, it won’t be all work and no play.  Far from it!  We are going to build in plenty of free time for you to relax on the beach with a drink and do absolutely nothing.  No sense wasting all that incredible food.

Get Ready To Learn

We will learn how to get the most out of whatever camera you use. We will even spend some time doing iPhotography with our phones.   The course will be tailored to YOUR individual needs, so we will make SURE you go go home a better photographer than you were when you arrived.  beach portrait Mexico

Sound Fun?

You bet it does.  Head over to the Legacy Travel website for all the details.  Remember, space is very limited, so sign up today!

I’ll see you in Mexico!


  1. I believe that in photography, you should never stress yourself out in taking a good picture, but rather take things lightly and have fun with the beautiful scenery you are in. Your photography trip seems interesting.

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