How To Guarantee You NEVER Fail At Photography

Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Steele for the NextGoal blog.  This guy is truly an inspiration and takes goal setting to the next level.  One of the questions I asked him was whether or not he had failed at some of his goals.  Paul’s response was “No, never- a goal will always be there.”  

That had never really occurred to me.  As long as you are still trying to reach the goal, you haven’t failed.  It really made me step back and re-examine some goals I had let fall to the wayside.

If you are like me, you’ve probably set plenty of photography-related goals for yourself over the years.  Maybe your goal is to do a certain amount of business or photograph a minimum number of seniors in a given year.  Maybe your goal is to score a perfect 100 in print competition.  Heck, your goal might be to just ENTER print competition for the first time.  Are you still pursuing the goals or have the gone to the back-burner?

The great thing about goal setting is it gives you direction.  Most of the time, even if you don’t reach your goal, you still end up in a better place than where you started.  This is one of the keys to being a great photographer:  setting goals.  How do you guarantee that you don’t fail at reaching your goal?  Simple, you just never stop trying.  As long as you are still trying and working and growing – the goal is still there.

paul steele portraitTake Action

Take a second and pull out a piece of paper and write down five goals for yourself.  Why wait til January to make a New Years Resolution?  Get a two month jump on it and start now.  Put your goals in writing and pin the paper to the wall by your computer.  Somewhere where you can see it every day.   When you complete one – and you WILL complete one – then cross it off and add another.  The trick is to keep setting goals and proceed in the right direction.

Once you have had a chance to write down your goals, I hope you will drop by Paul’s blog and read up on him a bit.  See what kind of goals he has set for himself and maybe it will inspire you to do more yourself.

Your Turn

So get the ball rolling.  Leave a comment below and let me know one of the goals on your list.  Putting it in writing for the whole world to see is a huge first step.  Go for it!!



  1. pebble beach estates

    I admire that kind of thinking, most people would’ve given up after one try, let alone a few more tries. Trying is not enough, doing your best is not enough either, it is actually DOING it that will give us the satisfaction of success. :)

  2. Taylor

    Great post, and an interesting way of thinking about goals. This year (I’m a wedding photographer) I wanted to shoot 15 weddings, and on all accounts I failed. I shot 13 as a primary and 1 as a second shooter but if I looked at it like a failure maybe I would have quit or given up! Instead if you change your perception of it, I shot 14 weddings I have that much more experience that much bigger of a client base its exciting! I didn’t fail I’m just getting started!

    So next year my goal is to live the dream (travel and photojournalism photography with the goals to get published in a few online and print publications from Dec-Apr then weddings from May to October!)

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