How To Get Social Media Exposure In Half The Time

With the way people do business these days, social media is a must-have tool in your marketing arsenal.  While most people will acknowledge that it is something they should be doing, many don’t because they don’t have the time to spare.  While applications like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc CAN gobble up hours of your time, they don’t have to.

I wanted to share a technique you can use to streamline your social media workflow and get triple the exposure in less time!

For starters, you need to setup accounts with all of the major social media providers that you want to use – for me, that includes the following:



You can also use services like Buzz or MySpace – if you want.

Once you have setup accounts will all these services and filled out all the profile information, you are ready for step two… download Tweetdeck.

The cool thing about Tweetdeck is that it allows you to update all your social media sites at one time, either from your phone or from your computer.  Once in install the program, you will have to setup your social media accounts by adding your login/password.  This will create small icons in the upper left corner of the screen.


You can turn the services on or off by clicking on the buttons.  Once you have activated all of your services, you simply enter your update/message and click SEND.  Your message will be sent to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Twitter- all at the same time.   If you want to send the message to a more specific audience, you simply turn off the services you don’t want.

By using Tweetdeck, you can get all the social media coverage you need – with a minimum amount of work.


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