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A New Twist On Old

I hope your 2012 is off to a very creative start.  If one of your New Years Resolutions is to add some new looks to your image portfolio, then you are in luck!

This week, I was working on a video tutorial on how to get a cool antique effect in Photoshop.  I’ve tried several different ways over the years, but I liked the look I got from this technique- so I thought I’d share it.

BEFOREchild portrait

Here is the portrait I started out with.  I find the technique works best if you start with an image that has fairly dramatic lighting.



I basically added a texture layer on top of the image, then adjusted the blending mode.  If you’d like to see the step-by-step Photoshop tutorial, you can view it on my YouTube Channel.



Here is the final image:

child photographyThe image has taken on a rich, golden tone – along with some vignetting.  We’ve also applied some grit and texture to add to the effect.

Want to give it a try yourself? 

No problem!

Just use the “SHARE TO GET” button below.  You basically give a shout-out on Facebook or Twitter telling your friends about the technique and the texture file will download for FREE!  Can’t beat that, huh?

Give it a shot and let me know what you think.



  1. ok, I have shared this on my Facebook business page, as well as my personal page but still can’t download it. I keep getting the ‘you have to share the link before you can download’ message. What do I do? I have shared it twice now, would really like the texture file. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Larry

    Hey everyone- thanks for the heads-up. Looks like there was a problem with the PayWithTweet button. I’m trying it a different way now.
    I just tried it and it worked – so everything should be fixed. Please let me know if you run into any problems!

    Sorry for the mixup.

  3. Hussain

    hi, I like ur lessons, they r so easy to understand and so simple and so effective.

    but can u tell me please from where I can find more filters like this?

    thanks for ur helping

    • Larry

      They are everywhere. Try doing a Google search for “Photoshop Actions” or “Photoshop Filters” and you will be swamped with options.

    • Larry

      Great- glad it worked out! Mind posting what tripped you up and how you got it to work? I know others have had difficulty and might love some clarification.

  4. Linda B

    Hi Larry…I enjoyed your tutorial. I’m learning PS5. I do not have a twitter for face book account. Will you please send me the texture file. Thanks LB

  5. David Sammut

    Thanks a lot Larry
    I found your Tutorial very helpful and thanks for your filter. Give us more tutorials, on the same subject please.

  6. Besanti

    Hi Larry,
    Loved the tutorial. I posted it and no image came up to save. Please send me the file via email. Thanks again for the tutorial – post up some more.

  7. Vincent

    Hey Larry,

    Loved the tutorial! But when I posted, no image came? Could you please send me the file via email?



  8. Hi, thanks for the greta tutorial – very clear and helpful.

    I tried to download the texture – it doesn’t seem to work…

    I shared the link on my Facebook page….

    Please could you be so kind as to email it to my mail box please ?

    Kind regards

    Robin – photo alchemy

    • Larry

      John, is it not working for you? Once you send out the message, you will get a popup box with a link to the file. Just click it to download. Fast and easy! 🙂

  9. Larry – this portrait is amazing! I always love these types of things and I’ve seen similar attempts before but none have come out like this!

    PS. The ‘share to get’ concept = innovative! Photographer and marketing extraordinare! 😛

    Darcy x

  10. You’re certainly one talented bloke, Larry. A mate of mine pointed me towards your page because he knows I love all things photography (despite lacking any talent in the field…)

    I enjoy watching someone like yourself taking on different, out-of-the-box experiments and techniques like this, Larry. They’re a great read for us ‘Couch Photographers!’

  11. stephanie

    Hi larry
    My computer hard drive gave out and nothing is retreivable. My favorite filter is this antique one you provided.
    I dont know if there is a “share” button for me to click to get this again. I didnt see it. I just shared from the icons below to facebook. Do you know if this was the right way?
    if not do you think you can send me the filter I so love it!!! Thank you Stephanie

    • Larry

      So sorry to hear about your hard drive! However, glad to hear you’ve had success with the antique filter. I’ll send a copy your way this afternoon.

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