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How To Age Gracefully

Jan 11

How To Age Gracefully

A New Twist On Old

I hope your 2012 is off to a very creative start.  If one of your New Years Resolutions is to add some new looks to your image portfolio, then you are in luck!

This week, I was working on a video tutorial on how to get a cool antique effect in Photoshop.  I’ve tried several different ways over the years, but I liked the look I got from this technique- so I thought I’d share it.

BEFOREchild portrait

Here is the portrait I started out with.  I find the technique works best if you start with an image that has fairly dramatic lighting.



I basically added a texture layer on top of the image, then adjusted the blending mode.  If you’d like to see the step-by-step Photoshop tutorial, you can view it on my YouTube Channel.



Here is the final image:

child photographyThe image has taken on a rich, golden tone – along with some vignetting.  We’ve also applied some grit and texture to add to the effect.

Want to give it a try yourself? 

No problem!

Just use the “SHARE TO GET” button below.  You basically give a shout-out on Facebook or Twitter telling your friends about the technique and the texture file will download for FREE!  Can’t beat that, huh?

Give it a shot and let me know what you think.


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  1. Rene Guinto /

    No downlaod prompt came after psoting?

  2. Langtoftphotography /

    Your link for Pat with Tweet is Error 404 (Not working)

    Regards Tel (Terry Kirton)

  3. i posted it in FB but i can´t download the filter…

  4. ok, I have shared this on my Facebook business page, as well as my personal page but still can’t download it. I keep getting the ‘you have to share the link before you can download’ message. What do I do? I have shared it twice now, would really like the texture file. Thank you. :)

  5. Hey everyone- thanks for the heads-up. Looks like there was a problem with the PayWithTweet button. I’m trying it a different way now.
    I just tried it and it worked – so everything should be fixed. Please let me know if you run into any problems!

    Sorry for the mixup.

  6. Works now! Thanks.

  7. It worked for me. Thank you !

  8. Catherine67 /

    This is great! Thanks for sharing this tutorial link… Hope I can do this perfectly.

  9. I just posted on Facebook but no file downloaded. Thanks for your help. Love the antique pic file.

  10. Sorry — just figured out the final step. Thanks so much for the file!!

  11. Hussain /

    hi, I like ur lessons, they r so easy to understand and so simple and so effective.

    but can u tell me please from where I can find more filters like this?

    thanks for ur helping

    • Larry /

      They are everywhere. Try doing a Google search for “Photoshop Actions” or “Photoshop Filters” and you will be swamped with options.

  12. I posted and got no download?

    • Larry /

      I’ll send it to you Pam. Not sure why the download didn’t work.

  13. David /

    i just tried it, it wont download either.

  14. No download either. Logged into facebook and saw no prompt anywhere?

  15. Never mind! I got it! Woo Hoo!

    • Larry /

      Great- glad it worked out! Mind posting what tripped you up and how you got it to work? I know others have had difficulty and might love some clarification.

  16. Linda B /

    Hi Larry…I enjoyed your tutorial. I’m learning PS5. I do not have a twitter for face book account. Will you please send me the texture file. Thanks LB

  17. cris /

    This is cool tutorial. SO easy to follow. Thanks for helping.

  18. Chartchai Srisombut /

    I got it. Thanks a lot Larry.
    Hope to learn more from you

  19. David Sammut /

    Thanks a lot Larry
    I found your Tutorial very helpful and thanks for your filter. Give us more tutorials, on the same subject please.

  20. The image did not come up… can you send it to my email? Thank you for the tutorial!

  21. Besanti /

    Hi Larry,
    Loved the tutorial. I posted it and no image came up to save. Please send me the file via email. Thanks again for the tutorial – post up some more.

  22. Vincent /

    Hey Larry,

    Loved the tutorial! But when I posted, no image came? Could you please send me the file via email?



  23. Hi, thanks for the greta tutorial – very clear and helpful.

    I tried to download the texture – it doesn’t seem to work…

    I shared the link on my Facebook page….

    Please could you be so kind as to email it to my mail box please ?

    Kind regards

    Robin – photo alchemy

  24. john smith /

    hi, is there any other way for me to download the texture? thanks in advance

    • John, is it not working for you? Once you send out the message, you will get a popup box with a link to the file. Just click it to download. Fast and easy! :)

  25. Larry – this portrait is amazing! I always love these types of things and I’ve seen similar attempts before but none have come out like this!

    PS. The ‘share to get’ concept = innovative! Photographer and marketing extraordinare! :P

    Darcy x

  26. You’re certainly one talented bloke, Larry. A mate of mine pointed me towards your page because he knows I love all things photography (despite lacking any talent in the field…)

    I enjoy watching someone like yourself taking on different, out-of-the-box experiments and techniques like this, Larry. They’re a great read for us ‘Couch Photographers!’

    • Larry /

      Thanks for stopping by Jack! … and give your friend my thanks for the referral!!!

  27. stephanie /

    Hi larry
    My computer hard drive gave out and nothing is retreivable. My favorite filter is this antique one you provided.
    I dont know if there is a “share” button for me to click to get this again. I didnt see it. I just shared from the icons below to facebook. Do you know if this was the right way?
    if not do you think you can send me the filter I so love it!!! Thank you Stephanie

    • So sorry to hear about your hard drive! However, glad to hear you’ve had success with the antique filter. I’ll send a copy your way this afternoon.

  28. Hi,

    I got this error when attempting to share.

    Should it still be working?

    Many thanks.

  29. Heather /

    Is there a way I can download this. I keep getting an error when I hit the share button.

  30. Jackie /

    Is this still available to download?

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