Its Monday, So I Must Need Help



The Big Picture

By now, most of you are painfully aware of my participation in the WeBlogBetter “Survive The Blog” competition.  If you are a newcomer, you can read about it here:   contest details

I’ve survived to the seventh week and we are down to the final four.  I’m up against some pretty tough competition, but together we can do this!

Every Monday we get our challenge for the week.  The good news is, there are only three weeks left.  The bad news is – I could use your help for all three!  (Well, it really isn’t BAD news, it just isn’t “Hooray/Yippee!” news.)

Ok Larry – Tell Me About THIS Week!

Thanks for asking.  This week is all about traffic generation.  I have to get as many people as possible to visit my blog posts on TheNextGoal.  You can help by doing TWO things:

1.  Just click HERE to visit my post.  You don’t even have to comment (although I’d love to hear from you).  You just have to visit the post.

2.  After reading the post (or heck, after just skimming through it) – click the TWEET button at the bottom and let your pals know about it.  Don’t have Twitter?  No problem, just share the post on Facebook.  We just need publicity here people.  Do your thing!  :)

3.  If you are an over-achiever, here is where you can REALLY help!  Just send this to your friends:

A great post by @larryphoto .  Please take a sec to read it:

This will send people to THIS post so they can read about my situation and assist in our endeavor.  You just can’t BUY this kind of good karma!

You can also view my other post for extra credit!

I Hate To Be Selfish

Ok- I guess it really doesn’t bother me that much – but I should point this out.  As much as I love my fellow competitors, you shouldn’t click on any other posts on the blog.  If you read my post, then click on one of my competitors’ posts – you will just cancel out your vote.  Don’t get me wrong – their stuff is awesome too.  Just bookmark the page and check them out in three weeks.  Fair enough?

Got it?  Let’s Roll!!

That’s really all there is to it.  If you would help spread the word, I’d be forever thankful!

Any Other Ideas?

Got any other ideas on how I can drive traffic to that post?  We aren’t allowed to spend anything, so it has to be free.  I know some of you know a LOT more about this than I do- so any suggestions are appreciated.  Leave a comment below and enlighten me!



  1. Holly Jahangiri

    Oooh, ooh, and while you’re there, click mine, too!!

    Seriously, great post, Larry. You have to admit, though, that we were on the same wavelength – me going off on eating elephants in “Short Term Goals, Long Term Vision” ( you on boiling frogs (cute, but let’s not give anyone IDEAS, now, shall we? Did Snopes really??? OMG…)

    So, what you’re saying is… no time like the present to hit the gym?

      • Holly Jahangiri

        Hey, worth a shot. :)

        Would it help if I told them that they could read my stuff, now, if they’d just make sure to visit yours, say, two days this week instead of only one? That way, they can still enjoy all the content on the blog – while still giving you an edge.

        Oh, darn. There I go being all helpful and stuff – and you, being so SELFISH!! Gee willikers, Mr. Lourcey.

        • Larry

          As you are well aware, Ms. Jahangiri, we are going on unique page views – so they could go to my post 100 times and it will only count once.

          Don’t fall for it photofans!

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