Have Phone Makers Gone Crazy?

Last year I wrote a post about the Death of the Point and Shoot where I talked about how the Point-and-Shoot camera was going the way of the dinosaur. I mean, really- when was the last time you saw someone shooting with one? It makes sense really. Why carry along an extra camera when you can just use your phone?

Nokia Goes Crazy

Recently, Nokia has decided to take this concept to the extreme.  They have come out with a 41 megapixel camera on their Lumia 1020 phone. Really?  41 megapixels?

Well, lets start with the obvious:  I don’t care if a camera is 100 megapixels, if it is shooting through a lens that is 8mm wide.  It just doesn’t work that way.  Even if it did, do you really need a 10MP image of your kid blowing out candles at their birthday party?

Camera vs Phone

DSLR smartphoneWhether or not it takes good pictures is not my point.  I’m sure it does just fine.  My question is, how far will it go?  How long do we have until someone comes out with a DSLR body that has a phone attached to it.  I mean is that REALLY that far-fetched?  In a weird way, it kinda makes sense.

You Heard It HERE First

So in a year or two, when someone actually MAKES one of these things, remember- you heard it HERE first.

What about you- do you have any predictions for the next generation of smartphones?


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