Going Full Circle

Back in the late Nineties, when I really started getting serious about photography, I had the good fortune of stumbling upon the Dallas Professional Photographers Association.  I thought I was already pretty good at the time, but being surrounded by these great artists really opened my eyes.  After seeing the incredible images they were able to create, I knew I had to reset my sights and shoot higher!  My photography skills grew by leaps and bounds.  Joining that group was one of the single best decisions I’ve made in may photographic career.

This week, my career came full circle when I was asked to speak at the January meeting.  After all those years of sitting in the audience and absorbing information, I was now the one standing up front doling out the knowledge.  Its funny because I have spoken at several state photography conventions over the past couple of years – from Florida to Montana – but coming back home to speak to my peers was quite a high point.

My presentation was on Print Competition – something near and dear to my heart.  What makes the Dallas guild so great is that it is filled with photographers who are already heavyweights in the print competition world.   To stand up in front of that group and discuss the nuances of competition was truly an honor.  Best of all – nobody fell asleep!

As you start to plan out your 2011, I hope you will make time for print competition.  I truly believe it is one of the fastest ways to grow as an artist.  If you missed the meeting and would like to learn more, I have a DVD on print competition that you might enjoy.

Thanks to everyone who attended and best of luck in your 2011 endeavors!

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