Game On!

Facing The Music

We got some great responses to the Face The Music competition, with over 65 nominations.  The plan was to take the seven people with the most nominations, but with the exception of one person – everyone got only ONE nomination – so we had a 65-way tie for second place.  I decided to just draw names to round out the remaining 6 spots.  The person who RT’d the message the most number of times was @vMystyque, so she got a spot.  I then added 8 Twitter profiles that I found cool and that gave us the final 16.

Thanks so much to EVERYONE who entered.  It was really tough narrowing down the field, but I just couldn’t handle more than 16 contestants!

The Game Is On!

Now is the part where YOU start doing the work!  I’ve paired up the contestants into 8 matches.  Choose your favorite and vote for them below.  The person with the most votes will win their match and move on to the next round.  Easy enough, huh?

 Round One


Time To Vote!

Cast your vote below for your favorite profile pic.  Please note- you will have to scroll down to see all eight matchups and it may take a few seconds for the thumbnail images to load from Polldaddy. Once you have voted for all eight, just click “Finish Survey” to submit your choices.

The deadline to vote is Wednesday, December 14th at 10pm CST. Be sure to click the RT button and spread the word!

By the way, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter so you can get all the updates on the competition.




So what do YOU think? Who did you vote for and why???


  1. Holly Jahangiri

    I’m not going to say WHO I voted for, but I will give the rationale: a combination of genuine smile (or emotion) + good photography = hints of personality. Conversely, photography maybe shouldn’t be SO good that you wonder if the person’s profile photo isn’t stolen from some celebrity you don’t recognize… 😉 The “glamour shots” look doesn’t ALWAYS work. Originality is a plus, but so is a clear look at the person’s face.

    • Larry

      Yep- definitely have to find the balance between snapshot and overly glam. However, I think most of these are pretty cool!

  2. Emily Elizabeth Eitmann

    Im not a fan of glamour shots either… Which is why if i get bored and want a new picture i just use my photobooth on my computer :-) Which is what i did for my twitpic.

  3. Neeraj Sachdeva

    I just voted for the nice looking girls! Shallow eh?

    Larry, did you tell them that the winner gets a dinner date with me? 😀

    Excellent competition!

    • Larry

      Hey Neeraj – sorry, I forgot to mention that in the rules. I’ll let the winner follow up with you on their own! :)
      Thanks for voting!

  4. david k waltz

    In addition to Holly’s criteria, I would add looks real as one of my criteria. Whether they actually are or not, some look computer generated.

    • Larry

      That is an interesting point you bring up. To me, I guess I’m just going for “overall cool” or the one that catches my eye the most. A little computer enhancement never hurt anyone! :)

  5. Michele

    I explained that potentially everyone who has internet in the world…Originality is a plus, but so is a clear look at the person’s face.

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