Fun With Sports!

We have been doing a lot of Portrait Collages this summer.  I like them because they offer a more creative look than just having the kid kneeling in front of a fence, holding a soccer ball.  I thought you might like to see a few of the newest creations:

I created this for my son’s baseball coach.  We were looking for a cool thank-you gift and thought this would be the perfect item.  I created the portrait of his son without him knowing, then the team pitched in to get it framed for him.  One of the interesting elements of this piece is the faded scorebook in the background.  The boy’s grandfather kept score at most of our games this season, so the handwritten scorebook in the background is actually his grandfather’s handwriting.  How cool is that?

For this high school senior, we were looking to create something that highlighted her swimming and gymnastics involvement.  She was so easy to photograph and I was thrilled with the images we had to work with.  I think the final piece really tells her story.


  1. Resa Rottino

    This is my son, and I can’t begin to tell you what a treasure this is!!! It is proudly hung in his room and we are in awe of it everytime we walk in. The fact that it has my father’s handwritting makes it extra special. Also, the details in it are so amazing! I highly recommed having one made for your child. I am sure you will treasure it as much as we do!

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