Fellow 40: Ketan

Ketan, Age: 40

This guy is a perfect example of what the 4040 Project is all about. To commemorate his 40th birthday, Ketan decided to start a major undertaking. Although he had never done much running before, he set his sights on running in the White Rock Marathon.

He has spent most of the year training and preparing himself for the marathon, which takes place next month. How cool is that?

When I heard this, I knew his portrait would have to be about the running, so we created a portrait of him in his running outfit.


To keep things looking authentic, we had him run between shots. I would say, “See those cars down the street? Run to that car, turn around, then run back.” I would then photograph him a few times as he was catching his breath – then send him off running again. This was one of the last images of the session, but he was still going strong. The things people will do for art! Best of luck in the marathon Ketan!!

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