Examining Creativity

Last night, I went to a fantastic lecture by Julie Burstein at the Dallas Museum of Art.  Burstein has produced public radio’s Studio 360 program for the past 10 years.  During that time, they have interviewed hundreds of the world’s best artists.  Julie pulled from these interviews to create her new book, “Spark:  How Creativity Works.”

It was a very entertaining lecture and an interesting examination of the creative process-interspersed with audio clips from many of the artists that were being discussed.  So what were some of the common keys to creativity?

Be Observant – always be on the lookout for inspiration all around us.  There is a lot of material that we come across every day that we just don’t take the time to notice.

Take Time To Refill your “creative pantry.”  Sometimes you need to step away and allow your creative batteries to recharge.  Expose yourself to great art and allow it to inspire you.

Be Persistent – Set a goal and go for it.  Don’t give up and don’t wait around for inspiration.  Artist Chuck Close one said, “Inspiration is for amateurs.  The rest of us just show up and get to work.”

Appreciate your friends and supporters.  Without their help and advice, most artists would never survive.  Take a minute to appreciate that resource.

It was truly a very fun evening and I can’t wait to sit down and read the book.  If you would like to read it yourself, I’ve added a link at the bottom of this post.



  1. I love the quote by Chuck Close. It rings true for me.

    I seem to by best work and feel the most inspired when I am actually working.

    I have to add one thing to your list and that is to get out and see other artists work. See what others are creating.

  2. la jolla homes

    I’ve always thought that each and every person has creativity within them. It just needs a little “sparking” for it to come out. This seems like a good read.

    Dennis DeSouza

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