Cubes and Curves

During last year’s 40@Forty Project, I created a self-portrait in the Cubist style. It ended up being one of my favorite images from the whole year. I thought it would be fun to do another one -but with a twist. I set out to create another Cubist image, but with a female subject this time. Basically it would play off the contrast between the hard, square style of the genre vs the soft, curvy lines of the female model. I found a willing model, then shot a series of images. Here is what I came up with:


I photographed the model in a variety of different poses and angles, then selected the best 4 or 5 images to work with. From there, I chopped the images up into pieces, warped them a bit, then assembled them onto one canvas. The hard part was figuring out exactly where to put them. I had to find a balance between keeping it more or less abstract, but not so scrambled that you couldn’t tell what it was. Once I was satisfied with the arrangement and composition, I adjusted the colors, added some texture overlays and ended up with the final layout. We had a great time shooting it and I was thrilled with the final image.

Last month, I entered it in the Professional Photographers of America’s Electronic Imaging competition – basically a test of your Photoshop/digital skills. The image did well – in fact it was selected to be in next year’s Showcase book. It was a great chance to really stretch myself creatively – what do you think?

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