Chillin’ In Minnesota

I just got back from a great weekend, teaching in Minnesota.  I was in Monticello, just outside of the Twin Cities area,  doing two programs on Saturday – Home Studio in the morning and Print Competition in the afternoon.  I covered everything from elevating your image to tightening up your business and marketing plan.  We had a great time talking about photography and the 5:00 end time got stretched back to 8:00.  The time just kind of got away from us!

photography critique

Doing a print critique after the Print Competition program

It was a LONG day.  I feel bad for those people having to listen to me talk for 9 hours straight!

Local Flavor

Although I didn’t get to check one out from the inside, I got to see a few “fish houses” and got the scoop on ice fishing.  Next time I’m up that way, I’ll have to add that to the “To-Do” list.

I also managed to dodge the cold January weather.  Sure, it was 22 degrees Sunday morning – which is pretty cold for a Texan- but I’m told it could be as cold as 20 below that time of year!  Not sure if I’m happy or disappointed about missing that!

program photo

Chatting with photographers after the seminar

Minnesota Hospitality

Big thanks to Chris Lommel for being a fantastic host and even sending me these images from the seminar.

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